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About Amazonia

Amazonia is a trendsetting Online Watch & Jewelry Store, offering some of the most reputable brands from around the world, and exceptional customer service to our exclusive clients from the comfort of their own homes.

It was created by Carolina Restrepo in April 2018, resulting from an organic process of seeing her dad grow in this amazing business in Colombia (South America), since she was a teenager and how fascinating the world of watches and jewelry was. Especially, when it comes to second-hand, preowned pieces, seeing the history and heritage behind them is something that made her fall in love with this industry. 


Thus, Carolina started to get involved in the family business in 2014 after completing her Bachelors in Finance, a Fashion Design Professional Designation, and owning her own fashion line for five years. Such brand was getting stuck in terms of growth, and without realizing she was getting more and more involved with watches and jewelry by attending trade shows organized by the International Watch & Jewelry Guild (we have been proud members of the IWJG for over ten years), and meeting great clients and suppliers. 


That is why in 2018, Carolina decided to move back to California where she had graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising almost a decade ago, to open a company where she could take better care of her clients in the U.S. market.


Now, Amazonia wants to bring the same advantages our wholesale customers receive to our retail ones online (you!), with amazing prices, transparency and non-confusing warranties. 

Carolina Restrepo, our Founder and CEO

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